• People love superhero movies.

    Audiences have consistently shown that there are high box office returns for superhero films, particularly those that feature archetypal characters such as Wolverine. This has been shown to be the case even when audience reactions and critical reviews of the movies are strongly negative, as the recent Suicide Squad movie has shown.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The film’s dusty, windblown aesthetic and muted tone are clever tactics, especially considering that Jackman has played Wolverine since 2000. That's an entire lifetime of adamantium-claw props! Logan, however, is Wolverine as we’ve never seen him before—it seems like something built to appeal to people who are tired of seeing the same kinds of colorful, frenetic superhero movies over and over. Then again, this more serious, western-y approach doesn’t always work. Remember Jonah Hex, or Cowboys vs. Aliens? Both films were sci-fi westerns based on graphic novels—and neither fared well with critics or at the box office.
    Wolverine, however, has already proven to be a popular character, as well as a box-office draw, so Logan has much better chances of sliding past those concerns.

  • Yes, there is room for another Wolverine movie.

    Yes, there is room for another Wolverine movie because the first one was so successful. The franchise has created a winning formula that entices audiences everywhere. People of all ages enjoy movies like this and it will provide an excellent reason for families to come together and go to the theater.

  • There should be no other movies made about Wolverine after this latest movie comes out.

    Wolverine is an iconic figure who has been portrayed in several movies as part of the Xmen and in his own feature films. However, if history has taught us anything, making too many movies about the same character can quickly become very repetitive and tiresome. If they continue to produce movies, they could turn fans away.

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