• Yes, everyone should wear 2017 glasses on New Year's Eve.

    Yes, everyone should wear 2017 glasses on New Year's Eve. If everyone were to wear these glasses, it would be easy for people who may be forgetful to remember what year is approaching. However, people should be able to remove these glasses in order to wear hats or to drive safely.

  • yes, I think so.

    If you choose to celebrate on some decade themes there are generally a well-received party idea but they can feel a little generic at times. After all, how many times can someone keep wearing the same 20’s flapper dress without feeling bored? This year, spice things up with a retro-glam 70’s party. not talking about hippy tie-dye and peace signs, but rather a disco-chic party. For costumes, think Bianca Jagger, gold maxi dresses, crazy glasses , and plenty of shimmery eyeshadow.

  • Do what you want

    Those glasses always annoy me. They're fun for about two minutes, and then they're a huge burden and you have to either carry them around or throw them away, which is a waste. They're like waterbottles you have to keep carrying around even when you're not very thirsty. Down with New Year glasses!

  • No, they should not.

    People should not have to wear 2017 glasses if they do not want to. Some people have glasses already and would find these glasses uncomfortable. Also some people do not want to wear them. I personally, think 2017 glasses are simply silly. Forcing people to wear these glasses would be wrong.

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