• Yes, it will.

    Of course it will continue to advance in 2017. Not only are there entire companies of people who are working to advance
    technology, but we have not even begun to reach the limits of what we can imagine and design, let alone what we are actually able to achieve and create.

  • Yes, technology will continue to advance in the new year.

    Yes, technology will continue to advance in the new year. There are many new advances planned by the world's largest technology producers for 2017. If history is any indication, we should expect many new advances in the fields of science and consumer technology to be introduced to the public in 2017.

  • When doesn't it

    Technology always advances, so the idea that it will stop for some reason is utterly ridiculous to me. The extent to which it will advance is a matter of question, but it's all but a guarantee that we will continue to make technological progress in the new year, and many more years to come.

  • Technology will only advance faster in 2017

    Technology will continue to advance in 2017. However, the change will probably be even faster than 2016. Technology has been developing faster and faster as the years progress. Just a few years ago the experts were positing that we were a a long way off from effective translation technology. However, in the last six months Google rolled out a new translate algorithm that is far superior to what was believed to be possible by many just five years ago.

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