New York approves massive wind farm: Should more steps be taken for renewable energy?

  • Renewable energy is the future

    Renewable energy is the future, and more steps should be taken to have more. For instance, New York approved a massive wind farm. Renewable energy will become cheaper as it is mass produced, and it does not leave a carbon footprint. This will leave the next generation a cleaner environment.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Solar, wind, and geothermal all are free and sustainable resources, but the initial residential installation costs are higher than conventional electrical or heating and cooling systems. Solar and wind also are variable resources, meaning that they are not available 24/7—so the energy produced must be used, stored, or sold back to a utility. In contrast, geothermal is a steady resource but must be tapped through pipes installed deep within the ground.

  • Yes, more steps should be taken.

    More steps should be taken to promote renewable energy. New York recently approved a massive wind farms. More of these wind farms, as well as solar panels should be constructed to produce renewable energy. If we do more to produce renewable energy, we can protect the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  • Yes more steps should be taken for renewable energy.

    More steps should be taken for renewable energy. Oil will not last forever.If it did, the US would be at the mercy of gulf nations. Oil companies often harm the environment and anger the local population. Whilst they may bring short-term benefit, they do more harm in the long-run.However, if there was more energy created by sustainable Eco-friendly sources, it will bring jobs and help reduce pollution.

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