New York greenlights massive 90-megawatt wind farm off Long Island. Is wind energy going to be a major source of energy?

  • Yes, wind energy will be a major energy source.

    Wind energy will be a major source of energy in the future. More places are building wind farms to generate electricity. As large cities begin to use more wind energy, the demand for non-renewable energy sources will decline. In the future most of our energy will come from renewable sources.

  • More states should follow suit.

    Wind energy isn't going to be constant throughout the year but when it's really window there should be a surplus. I know that it's expensive to set up, but it's an endless resource so the initial expenses are justified. I really hope one day the world can run on wind and solar energy alone, that would go a long way towards saving the environment,

  • Yes, wind energy seems like a great source of energy

    Yes, wind energy seems like a great source of energy. It is renewable and can power large grids. Many other states are likely to follow New York in building wind farms to power their communities. It is surprising more hasn't already been done to advance this simple technology and to promote renewable energy sources.

  • Yes, wind energy is going to be a major source of energy

    As the United States realizes the negative impact of fossil fuels, the acceptance of wind energy, as well as solar energy, will become a major resource. The advantage of wind power are numerous and it does not destroy the environment. Wind farms can be built in rural areas and not interfere with city life.

  • No!! Not at all

    No i think its gonna be solar energy not wind energy i dont know why maybe because of the increasing global warming. The temperature is rising and something needs to be done about it so why not use more solar energy. Back in the old days it used to be so cool.

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