New York Mayor urges Americans to protest against Trump: Should protests continue?

  • Yes, People Who Want to Peacefully Protest Trump Should Be Allowed to Continue

    Free speech covers our right to protest, and as long as the protest remains peaceful, there should be no interference. Our nation has been greatly divided by the results of the presidential election, and many people still feel their voice is not being heard. People should have the right to continue to organize and protest, to speak out against what they believe to be wrong within our country. As long as the protests remain peaceful, and there is no loss of life or damage to property, I see no reason for the authorities or any one else to step in and attempt to prevent protests.

  • Yes, protests against Trump should continue

    Yes, protests against Trump should continue. People are making a statement about a person they believe is unfit to serve as president. What more important issue is there to protest? These people feel that their voices were not heard at election time, so now they have stepped up to another means of being heard. Until the electoral college actually votes, protests should most definitely continue.

  • They can protest as long as they like

    People can protest to the end of time, for all I care. I cannot stand the thought of Trump being our next president. Honestly, I think he will do something to screw it up for himself, or some powerful people will find a way to stop this from happening. In the meantime, the protesters can carry on. For the most part, they aren't hurting anyone.

  • People should allow the election process to run its course

    The protesters taking to the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States are just destroying property, blocking traffic, and endangering the well being of many people. You can't just like democracy when it goes the way you want it to go. The electoral college has yet to vote and they have no reasons to protest in the streets.

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