New York Poll shows huge public support for climate pact--are major climate policy reforms on the horizon?

  • Yes, if Clinton wins and Democrats win more Congress seats.

    More and more Americans are becoming aware of the environmental crisis that we are in, which should lead to more action by our elected officials. However, it will be much more likely to happen if Democrats are elected to important positions. Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change, and neither do many other Republicans. If Clinton wins the presidency and a lot of other Democrats win their Senate and House races, there should be more action against climate change in the future.

  • We have to do something

    Yes, there are many elected officials who don't believe in climate change. However, we need to be more responsible from an ecological standpoint when it comes to limiting global warning. If most of Europe supports the Paris Agreement, we can't pretend it doesn't exist. I do think there are some major climate policy reforms on the horizon, but legislative change is very slow.

  • Are there still Republicans?

    Since the entire Republican party seems to eschew science, and that party seems to be able to sustain some political gains, there is no chance at all of any climate policy reforms. In a two party system, when one party elects obstructionism and ignorance as its only platform, actual change will not come about.

  • Public opinion is only one factor

    Whilst I think it is wonderful that the public are showing interest in climate change, it is only one factor in getting a law passed. This could be the catalyst in getting major reform, but it would still need to be proposed, drafted, amended, agreed and then implemented. Public opinion can be fickle.

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