New York priest embezzles one million dollars: Should his parishioners sue him?

  • Yes, they should get the money back.

    Yes, I believe that in this case, the money needs to rightfully go back to the church. The church should sue the priest because the money that was donated to the good cause of the church should be returned. Churches need donations to survive, and the priest should be punished.

  • Anyone who embezzles should be sued, no matter who they are

    Absolutely! I don't care who the person is, if he's embezzled, especially an amount like one million dollars, he deserves to be sued! This in my mind should not even be a question. If I was one of his parishioners I would not hesitate in the slightest to file a lawsuit immediately and I'd hope everyone else would do the same.

  • All embezzlers should be held accountable

    Yes, parishioners of the New York priest should sue him for the one million dollars he embezzled. Anyone who embezzles money should be accountable-both criminally and civilly. Priests should be held to at least the same standard as other citizens. His parishioners, who gave money to the church, entrusting the priest to use it well have grounds to sue the priest to return their money.

  • They Should Do Somthing

    I just don't think suing a church, as a parishioner, is a very worthwhile effort. They should definitely ostracize the priest such that he hopefully eventually gives up the million or at least an agreement voluntarily. By involving the state, I find that the parishioners lower themselves from the altar of holiness.

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