New York Times columnist says Trump is an existential threat, is this true?

  • Yes he is

    Trump is an existential threat. It's difficult to articulate, because some folks just say "oh, he's mean, but he speaks his mind" and leave it at that. There's a basic level of decency that should apply to all of us, and not just in politics. Trump operates outside of that, and seems to be missing any sort of moral compass. He makes fun of the disabled, women he considers unattractive, many women in general, his campaign attracts the angry, disenfranchised and a decent smattering of neo-nazis and the KKK. It's not just saying mean things, it's not just that he thinks he doesn't need to ask for forgiveness. It's that he's being held to a lower standard than ever before, and that shouldn't be.

  • Yes, it is true.

    Trump is a threat to everything that Americans care about, much like the columnist said. He will continue to devide the country an take away personal and religious freedoms that people care about. He will also drive the country into fourth debt and bankruptcy and create a social and healthcare crisis.

  • Yes, it is true that Trump is an existential threat.

    Yes, it is true that Trump is an existential threat. He pretends to know everything, but he has no experience. He will lead the American people toward a vision of the country that only he believes in. He could bring down democracy due to his extremist views and voters should not elect him.

  • He has some good ideas.

    Trump is smoke and mirrors. He is not the loose cannon that liberals and fear mongrels make him out to be. He will run the country like a business. That will be a nice change of pace for a politician. The New York Times just wants to sway voters. Trump is harmless, but he does have his principles, which is a good thing.

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