New York Times Subscriptions Soar: Are national elections beneficial for news outlets?

  • National elections are beneficial to news outlets

    It is important that the American people be informed when they go to the polls to vote in any election, especially the presidential election. I would hope that people take their role seriously and that they try to education themselves on the options. And news outlet have a number of sources including television, internet and print which increase the access points so that individuals could really bolster business in more than one arena for any given outlets.

  • Yes, national elections are beneficial for news outlets.

    Yes, national elections are beneficial for news outlets. People have a great deal of interest in national elections. They are more likely to tune in to news both on television and newspapers during and after an election. Elections also bring up a lot of interests that encourage people to be more aware of the news.

  • They boost numbers

    During the election period it is certainly true that the country's general interest in politics significantly begins to boost. This is because many people who are often indifferent to politics wish to become more informed prior to making an important in the voting booth. As the aftermath of this election has been particularly controversial, this trend is likely to continue for longer than it usually does.

  • Yes, elections are beneficial for news outlets.

    Yes, national elections are great for subscriptions and ratings for news publications and channels. When a Republican president is elected the ratings and subscriptions for liberal channels and publications go up and it's the same thing for the other side if a Democratic is elected. It's the nature of politics in America. Each side hates to see the other side win, but the side that loses benefits from the loss.

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