New York Times urging undecided voters not to vote for Trump: Will Donald Trump be America's next President?

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  • No, Donald Trump will not be America's next President.

    Donald Trump will not be America's next President, even with the undecided voters being urged to vote for him. He has not set out clear programs for reform or plans for national security and has a poor track record with minorities and women. The American people will not vote in favor of Donald Trump for these reasons.

  • Trump isn't going to be president

    More voters are giving indications that they are planning on voting with their conscience. This means that they won't be voting for Trump, who is a bloviating bigot that repeatedly interrupted Clinton during their debate. Trump has given every indication that he isn't a levelheaded person, and he is immensely under-qualified to take on a position that Clinton has been preparing for her whole life.

  • Trump will not be president

    Donald Trump will not be America's next president. His views are too polarizing, and he looked lost in the debate. He showed a lack of knowledge on many of the issues, and was factually incorrect a number of times. He has alienated key demographics such as African Americans, Hispanics, and women.

  • No, surely anybody watching the presidential debates appreciates his unsuitability and lack of experience for this role.

    Donald Trump's popularity seems to be waning in the aftermath of the televised debate. His lack of experience in dealing with world issues and his bad business deals have been highlighted by his opponent. He has already insulted women and various ethnic groups. His hard core supporters continue to excuse his behavior but hopefully the undecided voters will be convinced of his unsuitability for this leadership role.

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