Newark, N.J. officer arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl. Should he be given the death sentence?

  • In this case, yes.

    I think the death penalty should only be applied after careful consideration of the crime and its effect on the victim. In this case, the perpetrator was a police officer and his profession gave him a certain level of trust which he then went ahead and abused. He deserves life in prison if not the death penalty.

  • Proof is Needed

    It says allegedly which by definition means that there is no evidence. I'm not saying he didn't sexual assault the child. It's likely that he did, but that is no proof of a crime. There is absolutely no proof of a crime in an allegation. It is horrible what happened to that little girl and the aggressor needs to be punished , but not without proof. An allegation is not enough to put a man in jail and certainly not enough to sentence him to death.

  • If rehabilitation is an option, it should be chosen over the death penalty.

    While the crime of sexually assaulting a child is heinous and the knee-jerk reaction might be that death is justified, pedophilia is a mental disease that should be treated as such. This person needs psychiatric help and rehabilitation. To protect the community of course, this should happen in a prison enviroment.

  • Just put him in prison and let them sort it out

    There's no need to give this officer a death sentence. Just put him in general population and let the inmates find out what he's in there for. The problem should take care of itself. This guy is the worst of the worst, using his authority to put himself in a position to molest girls.

  • No, he should not be given the death sentence.

    No, he should not be given the death sentence because the death sentence should be banned. Who are we to determine who lives and dies? We should not play God in situations like this. He should be sentenced to jail for the rest of his life rather than put to death.

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