Newly-elected Australian politician believes climate change is a global conspiracy: Is climate change real?

  • Without a doubt, climate change is real.

    The scientific date proves the point. But the real issue is to what extent human activity is affecting or accelerating the change. That question is what makes this issue such a political hot potato. I happen to think that human activity has a significant impact on the rate of change.

  • it's shocking people still deny it

    It is shocking in this day and age that there are people in power irresponsible enough to deny climate change. Heck, you can look around and see what's happening in the weather anomalies from season to season. Louisiana is under water right now. There are flooding, fires, heavy winter storms like we have never seen. You don't have to be a member of mensa to put it together. We have a global warming problem.

  • Yes, there is an incredible amount of evidence that climate change is real.

    It is almost impossible to reasonably argue that climate change is not real. There is tons of evidence that the Earth is getting warmer. It's possible to argue that climate change is not caused by humans or that it is not as serious of a threat as many people believe, but there is indisputable evidence that the Earth is warming.

  • Yes, it is.

    There are numerous studies and tons of empirical and ancedotal evidence that proves that climate change is real. We even know what specific things cause this climate change. Anyone who still believe that climate change is fake and is a world wide conspiracy is in deep denial and is not in touch with reality.

  • No, climate change is greatly exaggerated.

    No, the alarmist "climate change," as presented by those who stand to gain the most from it, is greatly exaggerated. Some fluctuation in weather patterns is natural, and it is possible mankind of tilting the scales a tiny bit through pollution. But the impact is nowhere near the Armageddon presented in the media for the past 20 years. Those of us who are old enough to remember when it started will note that our coastal regions should have flooded years ago if the claims were true.

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