Newspaper publisher killed after controversial column: Do publishers risk their lives to publish critical stories?

  • Yes, there have always been consequences to revealing the truth

    Not all actions against speakers of the truth are so dire but news outlets often skew their stories a certain way or don't cover certain stories. If they don't ad dollars and other funding get cut. But this story just shows how high this risk has become. Trump is a powerful person with means unavailable to those who typically run for office. There is no end to what he is capable of.

  • Governments don't like it.

    There have been many times throughout history that governments and other individuals do not want the truth to come out. These publishers have to risk their lives, knowing that people are willing to kill in order to silence dissent. Controlling free speech is the hallmark of a corrupt government, and it happens all the time.

  • In some areas of the world, journalism can be very dangerous.

    Every year hundreds of journalists and publishers all over the world are killed for publishing content that is not in-keeping with the beliefs and interests of extremists and tyrannical governments. This can be the case in opinion pieces and in straight reporting of controversial and sensitive stories that are irrefutably in the public interest.

  • There is always a risk in speaking your mind.

    I do believe that publishers often put themselves in compromising positions when publishing controversial subject matter. The individual publishing the article becomes a physical manifestation of the ideas and thoughts expressed. People don't always have the ability to separate the individual from the subject matter and material they wrote, and if they become angered toward what is written, that anger is then directed at the name behind the story.

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