Newt Gingrinch calling to abolish Congressional Budget Office: Do you think this could be good for the US budget?

  • The Congressional Budget Office should be abolished

    The Congressional Budget Office should be abolished for one simple reason - there is no constitutional authority for it. Anyone? Feel free to point to the exact part of the United States Constitution that authorizes, let alone funds, the Congressional Budget Office. Abolition of the Congressional Budget Office should be the start of the abolition of the many government offices.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    He tries to exude that smarmy college professor superiority. Like most professors he knows his students haven't even read the assigned reading, so all he has to do is quote some third party--it doesn't matter if he's never read that third party, or simply saw it mentioned in an article, his audience will be none the wiser. But, he's getting lazy, he's not even trying anymore.

  • They do good work.

    The Congressional Budget office does a lot of bipartisan work. They do honest analysis of how much proposed legislation will cost society. That helps legislators make a decision about how they want to vote on a bill or a law. It's important that Congress people have this information so they can vote correctly.

  • No, this would not be good for the budget.

    The Congressional Budget Office is not the reason for our nation's high debt. Congress and past/current Presidents have not restrained government spending. In fact, you could say that many of our politicians spend like drunken sailors. Getting rid of the CBO would not reduce our spending. Congress and the president will have to work together to cut our deficit.

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