• Yes, Lane Kiffin will be the next Houston coach.

    Yes, Lane Kiffin deserves the head coaching job at the University of Houston next season, and will end up receiving this honor. He did a lot of good work for the University of Alabama when he coached there, and the players at the University of Houston will be well served by his leadership.

  • Yes, most likely.

    Yes, I feel that the next Houston coach will be Lane Kiffin. He brings a lot of experience to the table. Kiffin is currently with Alabama, and football has been a big part of his life throughout his entire life. He started out at Colorado State University and went on to work for the University of Southern California's team. He has the right background to coach Houston.

  • Lane Kiffin should stay where he is.

    If Lane Kiffin has any brains, he'll stick with his current job as offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama. His brief stint as a head coach in the NFL was a disaster and he was fired in less than one season, and he has been fired from his last head coaching jobs with Tennessee and USC. He is enjoying some success with Alabama and cannot afford another embarrassment in the NFL. As an offensive coach, he also avoids a lot of the heart from the media that often lead to firings, so he should be happy with his current position and politely decline any offer to become the head coach in Houston.

  • He does not have enough of a history.

    Lane Kiffin is not known to have a solid relationship with his players. He prefers to build his programs by show. It is more important to find loyal players for a program, and then build the program organically. The people making decisions in Houston know this. They will make a wise decision to choose someone else.

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