NFL acknowledges link between football and brain disease: What will be the future of the sport for high school students, with this in mind?

  • High school football is unlikely to change significantly in the near future.

    Despite the clear connection between brain injury and football, high school football is too ingrained in American society to disappear entirely. Changes have been made at all levels of football, and these changes may have a positive impact on the game's safety. However, these changes also provide cover to administrators, who are unlikely to force significant changes unless public demand increases.

  • High School Football to Be Carefully Monitored

    High School football will be more carefully monitored across the board, and in many places curtailed or banned. School districts will have to address the link between football and brain disease to the satisfaction of parents or else football will lose those parents support. It will likely have much more padding requirements, particularly in the helmet, and may even include weight maximums in some areas.

  • The health, safety and wellness of students should be a top priority

    I think that the increasing research and knowledge about the dangerous impacts of sports definitely need to be taken into consideration when determining the activities and sports available to students. When it comes to school at any level, the primary focus should ultimately be creating an environment that is safe and healthy for students. Students safety, health and wellness should be the top priority for educators and schools, and if that means that certain sports or activities cease to exist at a particular age or level, then so be it.

  • Acknowledgment of link between football and brain disease will lead to safer sports.

    The NFL's acknowledgement of the link between football and brain disease will lead to safer practices in high school sports. Most likely students will wear better helmets and will be prohibited from certain kinds of tackling. Eventually violent sports will be phased out of schools altogether so that more funding will be spent on more important things.

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