NFL (green) vs FIFA (red) which is more corrupt? State why and explain differences in corruption cases.

Asked by: deadmojo
  • Both organizations are corrupt, but NFL takes the cake

    It is true that FIFA has been corrupt for quite some time. Hosting a World Cup in a country that has 120 degree days is an absolutely terrible idea (I am aware that it is being moved to November-December)

    But the NFL has been getting quite greedy itself. For one, the NFL is exempt from paying taxes, and here they are building new stadiums and releasing new merchandise. But it's not just that: the recent events surrounding the Ray Rice scandal about who knew what and when; the Patriots "deflate-gate"; all perfect examples of a corrupt organization.

    Posted by: S.K
  • FIFA by far

    The NFL may have a global following, but FIFA is by far the larger organization, and there for has way more corruption. There have also been numerous cases of match fixing involving players. One recent example was the Barcelona Diportivo match during the final week of the La Liga season. Also, soccer has had some of the most famous match fixers in history rig games in the past.

  • FIFA it is.

    FIFA is more corrupt than the NFL, you know why? Cuz the next two world cups are hosted in appalling human rights violating countries, Russia and Qatar, the Qatari one is the most controversial because it is in a hot desert environment and that the stadiums are built in slave labor that which slave workers from the phillipines and india die in the thousands and the reason why Qatar got voted is because of bribes. I can tell you that is the reason why I follow the NFL rather than FIFA, cuz when you are an international sports organization where 3rd world dictators are your pet poodles, expect yourself to be more of an international crime syndicate than a sports governing body.

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