NFL playoff standings 2017: Postseason picture, Do you think the schedule set after Week 17 Is O.K?

  • Four good games on wild card day.

    On wild card weekend, we get four matchups. Oakland at Houston should be a good matchup, although the loss of David Carr might be a hurdle the Raiders can't overcome. I expect Seattle to old down the home field against Detroit in the least interesting matchup of the week. Miami and Pittsburgh should be close, but I expect Pittsburgh to prevail in the cold weather. Finally, the Giants at Green Bay is a complete tossup. I'm excited for next weekend!

  • Yes, the schedule set after Week 17 is all right.

    The Redskins dealt their fans another round of heartbreak yesterday by losing to The Giants. The loss means that The Packers and The Lions are both in, two teams who have played solid football all season. The brackets are now set and the losers are sent home. All is fair in the NFL.

  • A lot of drama has happened but more to come?

    Critics may argue that a lot of the 'big games' have happened in the NFL and that the upcoming games are less dramatic. Yet, this can be the time for surprises and upsets and for the underdog to step forward and make a change; unpredictable schedules can lead to unpredictable games.

  • It makes things easier.

    Yes, the set scheduled after Week 17 is okay, because predictability is ok. It's important that the NFL allows its fans to make plans. They need to know when the games are going to be so that they can make plans to travel to the games or watch then on television.

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