NHS starts program to pay people in the UK for losing weight: Should other countries follow?

  • Yes, other countries should follow

    Yes, other countries should follow. Today's generation is filled with unhealthy overweight people, and due to the way things are priced it is more affordable to eat junk than it is to eat healthy. I see this as a way for people to eat healthy, and supplement the increased cost to make it affordable.

  • Yes, government programs to encourage weight loss are a great idea.

    As any armchair nutritionist or health nut will tell you, maintaining an appropriate body weight is the most basic, yet important requirement for being in good health. There are countless diseases and other afflictions that can often be avoided simply by getting down to a weight appropriate for your height. Given that governments must foot the bill for many public health problems, paying people to lose weight is a great way to preemptively cut back on spending in the future.

  • We should incentivise healthy behaviours

    We should incentivise people to lead healthier lifestyles. Being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to increased instances of serious illness such as heart disease and diabetes. If these can be avoided by losing weight it should be incentivised, as in the long run it will save governments vast amounts of money in the future as treatment may not be needed by people who were previously overweight

  • I like fats and acid

    Well...Forging ahead... Some of the major effects of obesity is a deepening depression and lack of self esteem. By adding incentives to losing weight, the government is just adding insult to injury by making me suicidal. I love my McDicks chicken mcnuggets because they mmake me feel good without these stupid government handouts.

  • How can we afford it?

    There is a £30b gap in funding already, so why are we paying people to act responsibly? Where is the money coming from? Someone must be losing out. The incentive should be minimal treatment if you brought it on yourself. There is too much abuse of the NHS as it is.

  • No, because it's not fair towards the taxpayer.

    This is merely another example of how the overrated universal health care system rewards people for being irresponsible and punishes those who are not.

    That said, if people want a universal system anyway then I suggest a different method: tax people for being fat instead of giving them money to lose weight. It gives people a reason to not be fat and it doesn't punish people who aren't.

  • No, I dont think that other countries should follow

    No, I dont think that other countries should follow because if someone really wants to loose weight, they will do it for themselves and not anyone else OR money. These people who are being paid to loose weight are probably going to go right back to their old habits the second they have the money in their hand.

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