• No Good Shows

    Nickelodeon no longer has any good actors, no good jokes, nonetheless no more cartoons (besides Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob). The concepts are cheesy and are being reused like a recycling bin. Whevever there is a good show, they cancel it and shove their new trashy shows down our throats.

  • Went Downhill at least 10 years ago

    Used to be good, now it's utter garbage. It's become the nonstop SpongeBob channel and I really hate it because their time slot could be used for so much more variety. Enough with all the dumb sitcoms and SpongeBob reruns. I think kids watching this network deserve higher quality in their entertainment. I miss shows like Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, All That and all the rest of those.

  • "Hey Arnold" was about the only good show

    Everything else was just plain stupid. "Rugrats" was dumb. "Jimmy Neutron" was dumb. "Drake and Josh" was stupid. I mean does the things in this show really even happen anyways? It's so stupid, I question to myself how real these shows are. For family entertainment I'll watch the film "Andre," about the seal before I watch this crap.

  • I wish to say otherwise.

    Nickelodeon used to be great, especially in the good 'ol 90's. However, it's quality is getting lower and lower as we speak. We used to have great laughs and stories in shows like Spongebob (the old episodes), Hey Arnold, and Aahh! Real Monsters. Now, we get boring, poorly written shows that are cancelled after about two weeks. Nick is dying out.

  • Yo wtf they've gone down the crapper

    They seriously have a bunch of shows now no one watches, like a lot a sitcoms. Most of them i havent even fucking heard of. Such of "star falls." what is that shit? Where's what the viewers actually like? Also, their humor is retarded, im sorry. Fart jokes arent funny.

  • Nickelodeon is a channel of lust and depravity!

    Nickelodeon is a channel of lust and depravity! They try to brainwash children into a lot of bullshit cartoons for example The Loud House is the number one perverted TV show that keeps fucking up every kids innocent mind into doing sexual shit their parents NEVER want they ending up into situations like that. Children are being bribed, lured, manipulated, dominated, taken advantage of, hurt, killed, raped, duped, tricked, fooled, messed up, screwed, and even fucked up by ALL of these depraved, deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, perverted, lustful, twisted, disgusting, sick, dirty, nasty, rotten, inappropriate, idiotic, NO-GOOD animators, producers, directors, and ALL THESE OTHER MOTHERFUCKERS, BITCHES, ASSHOLES, BASTARDS, AND EVEN NIGGAS for fucking up Nickelodeon's Kids' Cartoons! They are suppose to be CHILD-APPROPRIATE for both children's sake and
    for their parents' sake!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! GOD ALMIGHTY!!! What the fuck happened to Appropriateness??? What the hell happened to Decency??? People in this death world need simple, proper, clean, appropriately pleasant, non-offensive cartoons back the way they SHOULD BE!!! Don't pretend ALL of this means nothing to you. And stop the damn LGBT rainbow flag bullshit. ALL parents, all uncles, all aunts, all cousins, and even all grandparents don't have to like this. So, let's act like we ALL got some GOD-DAMN sense, people!!! SON OF A BITCH!!! Sick and Tired of playing around here with homosexual, pornographic, depraved, lustful shit all around here!!! DAMN IT!!! SHIT!!! In other words, Fuck Nickelodeon, Fuck LGBT, Fuck pornography, Fuck Cartoon Network, Fuck Disney Channel, Fuck Gravity Falls, Fuck The Loud House, Fuck Rick and Morty, Fuck Adventure Time, Fuck Steven Universe, and if any of you are fans of shitty bitch-ass fucked up cartoons, TV shows, and movies, then fuck you,too!!!

  • Do we have to debate this?

    The only people who like this crap are brainless nitwits. Nickelodeon's showes lack thought and consist of stupid plots. Every person in every episode acts like they have an IQ of 12. I think it is meant to dumb down our children. Save the kids mind and stop the stupidity.

  • Nickelodeon really sucks, ESPECIALLY Nick Jr.

    In the 90s, Nick was worth watching. Now, it's on the brink of being pushed off the expanded cable network. I'm 11 and i hate it. And don't get me started on the fact they try to be trendy by using abbreviations of words like cray cray (More like crap crap)

  • Nickelodeon is stupid

    Modern Nickelodeon is very stupid. Every time they have a good show, they cancel it, then try to get us to like their bad shows. I miss the Nickelodeon shows like Hey Arnold! (That's my favorite!), Doug, Rugrats, you get the picture. But the shows they play now is pure garbage. Give us old Nickelodeon back!

  • All new shows suck and poorly made

    I haven't seen a good show that ran for more than 4 seasons on this channel since 2007 (not including spongebob) seriously and all their shows really just look plain stupid. They are just desperate to catch kids attention but for one they really suck. Please Nickelodeon just stop now

  • Hey Look at me

    Im a 90's kid, we are the greatest gen of all time, these new shows are so stupid amirite? Obviously its not because im older now, and because of it, I don't view shows GEARED TOWARDS KIDS, as much as I used to. Obviously its because they suck now.

    All it is is spongebob, spongebob isnt funny anymore, I never actually watch any of the new episodes, or understand that its humor has taken a more subtle approach over random approach, I just assume it sucks, because its not 90's.

    90's Are All That on TeenNick every night?
    Whats that?

    All the new shows suck, lol.
    Theres nothing good, Legend of Korra isnt good, TLA isnt good, Fusion isnt good, Sanjay and Craig isnt good, Fairly Odd Parents isnt good, Sam and Cat isn't good. NO SHOW IS GOOD, Ill never give them a chance though, ill just say they suck.

    Also, any show in the 2000's sucked, Jimmy nuetron, Drake and Josh, obviously because it was a reality show!


    Seriously, this is what you all sound like, there are a lot of shows on nick that are great, stop being stubborn and get over it.

  • Still better than Disney, I like to think

    Nickelodeon definitely isn't like it used to be, but they still don't force a way of thinking and dreaming on kids. Disney basically tells kids to use their imagination, while saying what their imagination should be like. Plus, Nick always had better actors and actresses. There are more successful Nick stars than Disney stars because most of them went off the deep end.

    I can agree it's gotten sucky though. It's probably best to get children into PBS, if you can. LOL

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