• Nickelodeon still has appreciation to me, even with all the bullshit.

    I know... I know....People want to hate Nickelodeon today because they are struggling today, but to me I don't give two Fucks. Yes...Nickelodeon today isn't the same company it was in the 90s and early 2000s with how they've gone downhill for the time being, but I still have an appreciation for them to this day. Sure.... Most of there shows that come out today suck, with a few exceptions, but whenever I see those crappy shows, I just turn away and think about their good shows. I mean yeah, I do look Cartoon Network and disney channel, but I don't really prefer what those a channels are today then what they are now even with good shows. Do I wish Nickelodeon wasn't like what they are today? Yes, but I'm not going to expect to bounce immediately. I do find it ridiculous and stupid with shows like Breadwinners(I do hate show too), but at the same time I can't blame them that much since apparently some people like stuff like that. (Especially when it gets awarded number one show for ages 2-11) I do seem some hope with what they are doing as of now, but I don't want fully say they are becoming the channel us kids from the 90s and 2000s again cause I don't want to jinx them. Still, I have my hopes for them.

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  • Cartoons are cool

    Unlike the other side, I do not need to use vulgar words to express my point. No one has tried to prove you wrong therefore there is no need to get so excited with your language. Both have their perks, but I disagree with you on the point of your language. Simply put, bow ties are cool.

  • Cartoon Network handles shows better

    While for Nickelodeon each episode has nothing contributing to the plot, Cartoon Network has a lot of great shows with a story arc like Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc. Also, the better shows on CN can also tug at your heartstrings, like, (spoilers) when in Regular Show's finale where pops died and it showed the characters getting older, or when Finn met his mother in the Islands miniseries. Also, other people might say that Nickelodeon is more kid-friendly, but that is a bad thing. CN can appeal to both kids and adults. Even me and my mom's favourite show is Gumball. So, in conclusion, CN is better than Nick.

  • Nickeldeon sucks now, CN FTW!

    Even though I don't watch much TV or cartoons anymore, CN is WAY BETTER now than it used to be. Nickelodeon, used to be THE BEST CHANNEL, but nowadays its a shell of its former self and just panders. All they have is SpongeBob (which is mostly the newer seasons, which suck).

  • Steven Universe, and more!

    Cartoon Network has so many good cartoons like Steven Universe, and We Bare Bears. While some the reboots appearing on the show are quite frankly a crime against humanity and depend on pathetic writing, there are a few precious gems on that channel that I truly appreciate. Things like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and We Bare Bears are wonderful and will always have a special place in my heart. Masterpieces!

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