Nicki Minaj makes headlines: Should girls strive to be like Nicki Minaj?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Nicki Minaj does not want you to end up with a moron who will hold you down, and she’s quite clear about that. During her acceptance speech at the VMAs last year, Minaj exhorted the female members of the audience not to “be out here depending on these little snotty-nosed boys” and stressed the importance of being financially independent for both men and women (“Where are my dudes at that’s getting they own money? Make some noise! Where are my girls that’s getting they own money?”)

  • No one should strive to be like any celebrity.

    The obsession with celebrities is getting out of control and it is especially noticeable among girls/women who try to look, dress, etc like a favorite celebrity. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone, but the trend is largely focused only on the superficial, the appearance. By all means do what it takes to feel good about yourself but don't makes appearances your main focus.

  • No, girls should not strive to be like Minaji.

    Girls should not strive to be like Nicki Minaji. There are too many people like Minaji who are simply famous for being famous. Girls do not need to look up to these famous celebrities as role models. Young ladies should be empowered to be themselves - be the best they can be - instead of trying to be like famous celebrities.

  • I hope not!

    I would not strive to be like Nicki Minaj, and I would hope that my daughters would never do that either. She does have some talent, but she seems more concerned with doing and saying outrageous things. She also dresses in an appalling manner that no young lady with career ambitions and dignity should be doing.

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