Nidal clenches record for French open titles. Will this finally be his year to win at Wimbledon?

  • Rafa FTW at Wimbledon

    Even though Rafa is typically much better on clay, I think this will be his year to win Wimbledon. Sure some of the other men are also playing well, but it's Rafa's time to win. Andy Murray isn't likely to repeat, Federer is looking human and Djocovic is also beatable. Go Rafa!

  • Wimbledon win is owed.

    He wants vindication. He's going to put through extra effort in order to make it happen, he's going to fight for it more than anyone out there and I think that it's going to work out well for him, but I've always been a little bit of an optimist, especially when dealing with underdogs.

  • He's the Tiger Woods of Tennis.

    Yes, it will be Nidal's year to win at Wimbledon, because he is on a hot streak. He is a very talented player that is just finally coming into his own. The competition is injured, and he is going to ride this winning streak all the way to a victory at Wimbledon.

  • No, I don't believe it will be.

    His record on clay, I believe, will be unbeatable. However, he is a lot more shaky on grass. It is incredibly hard to change surfaces while playing tennis and I don't believe that having another fantastic finish at the French Open will make him any more likely to win at Wimbledon. He is clearly an excellent player, one of the best, but he isn't great on grass.

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