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  • He has work to do.

    Brexit leader Nigel Farage made history for his people. The British people chose anti-statism, and then the American people followed suit by choosing Donald Trump. Nigel Farage did good work for Britain and he should stay in Britain and continue to fight the food fight. He has opponents, but he is a worthy and critical political leader for the people of Britain.

  • Why would we want him?

    Nigel Farage may at some point want to leave the UK. It sounds like he may not be so popular with some folks there, but why on earth would we want him to come to the US. Send him to Russia, sounds like he'd fit in well there. He and Trump seem to have a habit of spewing stuff that leads to chaos and then blaming everyone else. Better yet, ship him and the Donald straight to Putin.

  • He should move to the moon

    Farage is a short-sighted idiot at best and a toxic proponent of ethno-nationalist fascism at worst. The last thing the US needs is his vile, disgusting attitudes coming over here and exacerbating the tensions already plaguing this country. Also, he has the world's most punchable face and I never want to see it again.

  • Only if he applies for citizenship

    I don't see why people make such a big deal with Brexit. The issue with that seemed to be the EU ignoring Britain's sovereignty when it comes to economics and allowing refugees into their country. The EU did some shady things and forced the member countries to allow the refugees even when some of those refugees had ties to terrorist groups or they misbehaved in their countries. This is why Brexit happened.

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