Nigeria purge ghost workers from state payrolls: Should the U.S. do business with corrupt foreign governments?

  • Yes, the US should not avoid doing business with corrupt governments

    If the US avoided doing business with governments that were corrupt it would have very few countries left to do business with. If you look you will be able to find corruption in pretty much any government that you look at, and that includes the United States. We should focus on solving the issue of corruption instead of cutting off countries that experience it.

  • US must seek to do business with the best, but dealing with corrupt states is inevitable

    In the United States, corruption is brought up primarily by radicals and others who question government action. Few rarely consider these claims to be valid. There is a very different reality across most continents of the world. In regions such as Africa, the Middle East, South America, and even Asia and Eastern Europe, corruption is commonplace. If the U.S. were to cease doing business with all corrupt states, we would be all but isolated to dealing with Europe and Canada. With that being said, the U.S. should strive to do business primarily with non-corrupt states.

  • Business is good for the economy but so was the slave trade!

    The US should be the first to stop doing business. It doesn't matter if stopping business with people who are morally and ethically wrong is bad for the economy... So was ending slavery! If the US sets a good example other countries would be pressured to follow, and when many powerful states won't trade with them, the only way for the corrupt states to boost their business opportunities is to clean up their act. After this trade can continue and the US doesnt lose out in the long run... And the human rights of millions are improved!

  • No, the U.S. should not do business with corrupt governments.

    I feel that the U.S. should make a stand against governments that are corrupt, and are using dishonest or immoral methods. This may force these countries to change their ways, as the U.S. is such an important country to do business with for many of these governments, and the chance of losing business with them may cause a change in procedures.

  • There are too many problems.

    No, the United States should not do business with corrupt foreign governments, because there is too much corruption and fraud. It doesn't do anything to help the people that are living in these terrible places because the government just takes the money and runs. They leave nothing to actually help the people.

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