Nigerian fisherman sue Shell for destroying their villages: Do they have a case?

  • Yes, I think so.

    This will be an interesting case, it will be interesting to see if shell can be held accountable for what they claim are intentional sabotages by third parties, assuming they aren't just making that part up. The cause of the pollution that has been devastating the Niger Delta region for over 4 decades is as a result of spilled crude oil which is a DIRECT consequence of the drilling practices of the oil companies not the layman citizens.

  • Multinational corporations must take responsibility for the damage they do to indigenous communities

    The behavior of Shell in Nigeria is only one example in a long and sordid history of large corporations - especially those involved in resource extraction - leveraging their economic power and political influence to trample on those without the resources to effectively fight back. If the rule of law means anything, it must mean justice for those whose interests are too often ignored by political authorities.

  • Nigerian fishermen who sue Shell for destroying their villages do have a case.

    Nigerian fishermen who sue Shell for destroying their villages do have a case. Shell, like any other business, has a duty to be responsible wherever they are working. This includes protecting people or properties that may be close to their work field. The Nigerian fisherman that had their villages destroyed may not have the resources to easily rebuild their villages, which could have long-term effects on their homes, business, and livelihood. Destroying villages is not only harsh and irresponsible, but it creates negative business relations between U.S. companies and other countries. Shell should be held accountable for its actions.

  • They have a right to work, too.

    The Nigerian fisherman still have their fishing villages. They cannot control the fact that Shell wants to come work there, too. Likely, the Nigerian fisherman just see deep pockets from a large company and they want to complain about something and make a few dollars from it. Shell isn't doing anything wrong.

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