Nike Keeps Kevin Durant with $300 Million: Are Nike products better than Under Armor?

  • They aren't even... I don't...

    Who comes up with these questions! They have nothing to do with the articles at hand! Nothing! How does one even measure the difference between these two products when they don't even always produce the same thing and both have their own patents for their own clothing technology? I don't...

  • Nike and Under Armour both have their pluses and minuses,

    While I do believe that Nike products are more popular than Under Armour, I don't think that their products are necessarily better than Under Armour. Both products appeal to consumers in different ways. I believe Kevin Durant kept his deal with Nike on the basis of financial gain, and the popularity of the brand. I don't think that the quality of either product was a big factor in his decision.

  • Under Armor products are superior to Nike products.

    Nike has been around for a very long time. They have done an excellent job with getting their name out there and their brand recognized in many countries. While they were doing this, Under Armor was creating superior products. Nike is just now trying to match the level of quality that Under Armor brings to the market.

  • It depends on what you want

    I really think that it depends on what you want, how you use them, and what you buy. Obviously some things in one brand are better suited for a particular brand than the other. Each brand has their strong points, and each one has their weak points. I really think they are about equal.

  • Their shoes aren't good.

    No, Nike products are not better than Under Armor, because I've had lots of Nike shoes over the years, and they are never good. Our cheerleading squad used Nike shoes, and they were large, clunky, and slippery. Nike didn't put the time into developing a good product, they just wanted to make a sale.

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