• Tesla did more for the world

    Before we get into what Tesla did for the world, let's talk about what Edison did to Tesla. Edison heard about Tesla and promised him $50,000 if he could improve Edison's DC motor. Tesla did this and made Edison's motors far more efficient, and when he asked for his pay, Edison blew him off and said that Tesla didn't "understand our American sense of humor". For this reason alone, any self-respecting human would not vote for a fraudulent liar.

    Besides this, Tesla came up with alternating current, probably his biggest invention. While Edison's direct current was extremely inefficient, AC (alternating current) was far more effective. With DC, you had to build a generator every mile and have cables as thick as your arm running between them. With AC current (which we still use today), the cables can be incredibly thin and only need to be suspended on wooden poles. Besides this, Tesla invented florescent lights, radio, remote control, the electric motor, robotics, and lasers, and he discovered x-rays. He also discovered a way to wirelessly transmit energy and provide free electricity for the world. However, when the contractor heard that there was no money in it, he canceled the building of Tesla's free energy transmitter. All Edison was good at was stealing other people's ideas and ripping people off.

  • Tesla had a HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEE mustache

    Edison is a liar he said he would give Tesla $50,000 (more than a million dollars nowadays ) if he improved DC and told him it was an American joke. Edison also paid schoolkids one quarter for their pets and displayed them getting electrocuted AC current to prove how dangerous it was but wasn't.

  • Tesla is better

    Edison ripped tesla off 50000 dollars and let tesla dig ditches all day and electrocuted a prisoner with an electric chair. He even got kicked from his own company which is kind of stupid of him. Nd also why do we have to write fifty words anyway. It wastes time

  • Beccause he is

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  • It's clearly Tesla.

    Tesla was a man of phenomenal intellect and vision. Edison basically had to rip off all his best ideas from his underlings, then resorted to underhanded tactics to take out his competition. He even killed cats to try and claim Tesla's far superior AC system was dangerous compared to his DC system.

    Plus, how can you argue with a man who not only invented and earthquake machine, but also had (unfinished) plans for a lightning gun?

  • Edison is better.

    He invented the light bulb, he worked hard for the country. He's American. The best. Why would Tesla ever be better than Edison? Edison had to try more than 1000 times to make a light bulb. The point is, we should vote Edison, for he is way better and stronger and ultimater in every way

  • Edison is way better than stupid Tesla,

    That's why he is in history books,. Edison risked his life for a key on a kite when Tesla just sat there waiting for him to have the main idea. He had the fist and best idea of a key on a kite not Tesla. Just because Tesla was able to use it because he had more time on his hands does not mean he is better. Cause he's not,

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