Nikola Tesla should be taught about in schools for his inventions instead of the people who stole his ideas like Marconi or Edison.

  • Tesla was a genius.

    While Edison did invent many machines, Tesla improved them and made them 1,000,000 times better. Also, Edison stole many of Tesla's ideas and passed them off has his own. while we should learn about Edison, we should learn much more about Tesla, the real genius who built the "backbone" of the 30th century.

  • Of course - he is the greatest single inventor.

    There are some fools who say that if an invention or patent is stolen - it is theirs Well in that case - Teach Edison and Marconi in History class as they stole and are credited with Tesla's work.Teach Tesla in Science Class as the actual inventor. There really is no arguing against this unless you don't understand. Thinking it is OK to steal another's work and represent as your own is idiotic. Using examples that the invention you make for a company is the companies' - makes sense in today's world. Tesla was used specifically because he could do what no others could. The fraud Edison planned to take Tesla's work all along, that was his whole point for hiring him. There is more backstabbery in Tesla's career besides this.. And this does not make his inventions "theirs" - period. Unless of course you are a fool in which case you have no place in this discussion. One man is responsible for so many of today's taken-for-granted necessities... Nikola Tesla is a towering redwood tree and by comparison - Edison is a wilted sapling.

  • Tesla is a genius

    Nikola Tesla was inspired by his mother to invent great things to help the world. His inventions are lesser known as his own, and are claimed under different inventors. The microwave oven, the radio, and others that benefit today's way of life.
    I am currently writing an essay on Tesla, and I am intrigued by the way his mind worked. I am writing one of my best essays yet, and I wish there was more information about Tesla so I could write more about his life. I am happy to know that people are so pumped about Tesla being taught in school.

  • Nicola Tesla's accomplishments should be taught in schools.

    Tesla should be taught, but the children should be taught about his accomplished works. Such as, Neon lights, AC, and Tesla Coils. But he alone did not create all the major items we still use, or items that others have improved. Tesla could a subject in many classes, he made many attributions to life as we know it.

  • yes. Definitely.

    We should expose Edison for the fraud he really is! Stealing is never the answer, we learn that in school you can't plagiarize, so why do we teach about the guy who did basically "plagiarize?"

  • He was the true Genious

    Those other frauds stole his ideas and discredited him.

  • I believe that Tesla should be taught about in schools, because his ideas and theories were the foundation for later scientists, such as Marconi and Edison.

    Although I believe that describing Marconi and Edison's behavior as "stealing" Tesla's ideas is a little too harsh, I do believe that Tesla should be taught about in schools. Scientists build new theories on the foundations of knowledge discovered by previous scientists. Learning about Tesla would help students to understand more about how science is always evolving, as new discoveries are made.

    Posted by: HellishMichael45
  • Tesla should be taught next to Edison and Marconi, and not in their stead, because all three made major contributions.

    Tesla certainly deserves to be taught, and should receive credit for his work, even if Edison, Marconi and others later took his ideas. But, those people deserve credit, too, if, for nothing else, their marketing and their ability to bring their inventions to the masses. They all changed the world, and to erase any one would be a disservice.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • Nikola Tesla should be mentioned in the classroom, but so should Marconi and Edison, because Tesla introduced the idea, and the others implemented it.

    Having an idea is one thing, but bringing it to action is another. Why does it have to be said that Marconi and Edison stole his idea? Maybe they just expanded on it. Tesla had an anti-social personality. He might have had good ideas, but did not have the ability to go beyond the idea.

    Posted by: ScrawnyNormand46
  • Nikola Tesla should be taught about in schools because his inventions such as the Tesla coil are very important in the field of wireless transmission.

    The Tesla coil may be instrumental to the future of wireless power and electricity. It could truly modernize the way we transfer power from power plants to homes. This could eliminate the massive and aging infrastructure of the power grid. Tesla also created many other inventions which are only now being rediscovered by scientists and engineers.

    Posted by: GlossyCyrus79
  • Idea of Patenting

    Nikola Tesla, in his earlier years, worked under Edison. We see in todays world, when a researcher's inventions/discoveries/innovations are patented under the name of the research foundation or if the researcher is an employee, it is patented under the name of the company. Similarly, because Nikola worked for Edison, it is justified for Edison, to "steal" the glory i.e. patent the invention in Edison's name!

    Children should be taught about Tesla and they are later on in high school when studying electromagnetism where "tesla" is a unit! But should Tesla's name be advocated in classroom for inventing the light bulb/electricity or other things, that are rightfully patented under someone else's name. NO!

  • All of these scientists and inventors should be part of the curriculum because they all made contributions.

    I agree that Tesla should be mentioned in any curriculum of science or history. However, I do not think that that means Marconi and Edison should be left out of the curriculum. After all, Marconi and Edison played a very valuable role in spreading these important forms of technology. There was a progression of ideas, and all of these people were part of it.

    Posted by: babyuniqh

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