• She is pretty

    I feel that everyone has their own idea of what beautiful is, but I think she is very pretty and good looking. I don't think she is drop dead gorgeous but is very cute and has a sparkle about her. I feel that it can be up to each indivdiaul person so some people might not think she is attractive.

  • Yes, Nina is absolutly georgious in evry single way.

    Yes, Nina is absolutely gorgeous in every single way. I think she has a very cute exotic look that is fairly rare to see these days in my view. I love the way that she does her hair and wears her clothes. The way she expresses herself is wonderful and very attractive.

  • Yes,Nina Dobrev is an beautiful woman.

    Yes,Nina Dobrev is an beautiful woman. She is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress and mode. Because she is tall and very beautiful .She have an good career on film and model life. And she also do more work to improve her skills.Since her hardworking ,beautiful face and amazing smile, so Nina Dobrev is an beautiful woman.

  • Nina Dobrev is beautiful

    Yes absolutely Nina Dobrev is beautiful. She has gorgeous long healthy flowing hair. It can be styled in bouncy curls, waves or straight and still be stunning. Her eyes are dark and mysterious. Her skin is flawless. Her teeth is straight and white. Her weight and curves are perfectly proportioned. She is slender and in good health which strengthens her appearance overall.

  • She's not a redhead.

    That is all the proof I ever will need to say that Nina Dobrev is not beautiful. You cannot be beautiful if your not a redhead. Sure, some redheads aren't beautiful, but that's only because they aren't true redheads. True redheads are the only beautiful thing in this world. On the other hand, this only applies to females. Redhead males are creepier than an emo ex boyfriend stalking you and cutting himself outside your windows so that you can watch.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-08-08T17:03:21.003
I'd just like to remind everyone that beauty is only skin deep.