Nine reports to Apple of iPhone 6 bending since last week: Is nine out of 10+ billion really an epidemic?

  • haha at epidemic

    Wow, that makes it sound like a serious disease, but I get the point being made here. Yes, I think there will be more reports of phones bending, at least out of a few batches. I really think 9 is not the accurate amount, but still. There have been more issues than that with the new iPhone

  • Not at all

    Just because some 9 people out of 10 million isn't a epidemic. (And what? 10 Billion?! There are only 7 billion people on earth! The creator of this opinion must have made a typo). Anyway, only 9 people reporting bends isn't much. Maybe, the bends were due to extreme conditions, or made by body builder, or the jeans were blood-cutting skinny.

  • Nine phones does not an epidemic make!

    In today's society, we are inundated with immediate information and our audiences are insanely larger. Add that to the human condition of looking at the glass as half empty and you wind up with a widespread panic! Nine phones bent, and suddenly the whole product is faulty. We need to sit back, take a breath and look at this situation pragmatically. We demand that these phones get smaller, thinner and cheaper, and then we rant and rave when our demands are met at the cost of functionality.

    Humans across the world, let's stop looking at only the bad and embrace the good of the iPhone 6.

  • No, nine out of 10+ billion is not an epidemic.

    While the idea of expensive technological devices being flimsy is alarming, there are sure to be some lemons in any batch. As long as Apple replaces the bent iPhones, as I'm sure they are doing, there is not a problem. Nine out of 10+ billion iPhone 6's bending is not a big deal.

  • Natural wear and tear.

    No, 9 reports of Apple iPhone 6 bending since last week is hardly an epidemic, because those are problems that could reasonably be expected. Anyone could expect to have 9 problems out of 10 billion. That is hardly even news. It could just be a few people who don't know how to use their new phones.

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AlternativeDavid says2014-09-27T04:33:27.450
There's a huge difference between billion and million...