Nintendo Re-Releases Their Classic System: Are Retro Games Really More Fun?

  • Nostalgia rules the market, retro games have a simplistic appeal

    The gaming community by and large can be alienating to unskilled players. Those just looking to have a little fun may be disappointed by today's games that require hours upon hours of play. Nintendo's return to its genesis offers casual gamers, and gamers from an older generation to enjoy the past-time again. Retro games have a simplicity that make them accessible to everyone, and they lack the significant violence that seems to have become a hallmark for video games. They don't require hours of effort and they are easy to learn.

  • They are easy to understand.

    Following Mario as he warps underground is much easier to do than the complicated systems that exist today. The games are three dimensional and there is so much going on in the game that it's impossible to figure out what is going on. A game should just be fun and that means to keep it simple.

  • Yes, they are.

    I believe that Retro games are actually more fun. It was a good step for Nintendo to re-release their classic system. This is a fun games for the kids and also grown ups. It is addictive and therefore avoids idleness. The retro games are the best games ever and its the best gift to your child.

  • It depends who you ask

    This sounds like a bail move for a debate, but some people would never say that classic games are better. Because A) they aren't objectively better, nor do I believe they are better in popular opinion, and B) with this being an opinion poll, and my opinion being that I, as someone who hasn't grown up with games like Super Mario Bros., prefer modern games, I claim that Retro isn't better than modern.

    Also, a quick counterargument: two people said that the older games were simpler and easier. Three words: Battletoads racing level. Yeah.
    And, before you say that games, while not easier, used to be simpler, there are games like Dwarf Quest (I think that's what it's called?) that would prove you wrong.
    Further, there is, has been, and probably always will be both a casual and a hardcore market. Don't want to play Dark Souls? Try Mario Kart. Then there's the option of switching the difficulty of the game these days. There have been complex and hard games in the past, and there will be easy and simple games in the future. I don't believe they will be that hard to find, either.

  • Its all relative

    Of course, People who grew up in the 80s and 90s will say retro games are more enjoyable because of nostalgia and simplicity. There was little story if any and the game was driven entirely on gameplay, and that worked for many people. When that generation got older, they moved on from videogames and insist that their generation of games was better because they were cheap at arcades, simple to understand and play, and very nostalgic. Newer gamers, however, argue that an addition of story and more detailed graphics and art enhanced videogames and gave them the cinematic depth of film, and today, videogames are considered an art form. Games like skyrim and pokemon have changed games and made them more complex, more things to focus on, which is something retro gamers cant relate to, and many millennials would argue that retro games are too simple to have any long amount of enjoyment with. It all depends on the gamer.

  • No, retro games are not really more fun.

    No, retro games are not really more fun. The graphics are terrible compared to modern day video games. There is not much that you have to do to win. Most of them are just made up of a few pixels that come in blurry. I have no interest in retro games.

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