Nixon established EPA & OSHA: Does Nixon's accomplishments outweigh his involvement in the scandal that plagued his presidency?

  • Nixon made many accomplishments.

    Richard Nixon made many accomplishments during his presidency. He was not that bad. He also was not even directly involved in the scandal either. I think that Nixon's accomplishments slightly outweigh the scandal. Even still, the scandal was pretty bad and and it was a pretty good thing that he resigned

  • Everyone should be measured by the whole of their works

    With few exceptions, think Hitler, should people be summarily dismissed because of one or every a few transgressions in their life. Whether one calls them sins or not, everyone does sin. It is not useful or beneficial to simply discard someone's reputation, even an historical figure, because they had one or a few transgressions.

  • No, they do not.

    Nixon only helped to establish the EPA and OSHA because it would have been political suicide for him if he did not. Silent Spring had just come out, and the workers' rights movement was at all time high. There was great support for these programs during his time in office.

  • No, Nixon's accomplishments do not outweigh his involvement in the scandal that plagued his presidency.

    No, the good work that Richard Nixon did in establishing the EPA and OSHA does not outweigh his involvement in the scandal that plagued his presidency. Presidents need to be held to a higher standard than everyday American citizens, and he betrayed the trust of his countrymen with his part in the Watergate scandal.

  • No, it doesn't outweigh his involvement in the scandal.

    Even though the EPA and OSHA are very important federal institutions in today's society, the essence of a scandal makes Nixon seem very shady and not trustworthy. As the leader of the United States, the president should be expected to be free from any baggage that may jeopardize his or her public and foreign relations.

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