No Child Left Behind Act: Are standardized tests a good measure of student learning?

  • Necessary for their objectivity.

    Standardized tests provide ways for students, teachers and parents to see what a student needs to improve on or what that school needs to improve on. Similarly, it makes sure that teachers who don't know what they're doing can be fired so that the education system can actually grow. There's really no other alternative if we want to have an effective education.

  • Yes, but only if done correctly.

    Standardized testing would work better if they tested a wider variety of subjects and tested whether the kids have learned the topics that the teachers are required to teach. Passing the tests should be required to advance a grade. Also, it could be improved by allowing kids to take the tests at their own pace. This would encourage the students to do a test and if they do well enough, they can advance to the next grade at any time. This would encourage kids to do the best that they can and advance.

  • Standardized tests are the only thing we have to measure student learning.

    Standardized tests are important. They measure how are children are doing compared to other children the same age. They measure how our districts are doing compared to other districts. They measure how our state is doing compared to other states. Standardized tests are the only thing we have to measure student learning.

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  • They can be really bad!

    Testing can be bad for so many reasons. 1; Kids can be tired, and since I had Parcc testing right after we were losing one hour of sleep [daylight savings, or the opposite..] it was really hard to stay focused and do the accurate answers I would have truly put.

  • Standardized Testing is biased.

    Standardized Testing is biased because upper class students have the money to receive adequate test prep and subsequently do bettter. Since they do better, their schools receive more money. The lower income schools with little resources do worse on tests and not only do they not get money but they are also penalized.

  • Standardized tests are not a good measure of student learning.

    I believe that standardized tests are not a good measure of learning and there is way too much reliance on test results in education today. Some students are simply not good test takers, and taking standardized tests on just one or two days may not accurately measure what a student knows. A student can work hard and get good grades but still perform poorly on standardized tests, so there can be a big discrepancy between the scores and a student's grades.

  • Standardized Tests Do Not Adequately Measure Learning.

    There are limitations to standardized tests, and to use them in the way they are used in the No Child Left Behind Act can be damaging to the educational system. Some students are not good test takers for various learning and behavioral reasons. To base finances on the results of these tests can penalize good schools and teachers for things beyond their control. It is more difficult to evaluate schools and teachers on an individual, personal basis, however if the evaluations are necessary that is the only fair, unbiased way to do so.

  • Testing isn't accurate

    Testing is not accurate. They can not measure exactly for every student. Not all students have the skills to perform tests well. The only thing standardized tests show is how many students can take a test instead of measuring exactly what they know. Another problem with the standardized tests are that they are multiple choice, not short answers. A student who may not know the answer to a question can still guess the right answer. There must be a better solution to determining what a student knows.

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