No Child Left Behind Act: Does it lead to improved learning in its broadest sense?

  • Cant leave them behind

    This initiative has improved the learning of thousands of kids and has made a decent effort to make America a smarter country. It has helped kids that before this initiative would have been left in the dust by the other classmates and would probably not be as successful as they are now.

  • No Child Left Behind

    We need children they are your future they are what you need to keep this society alive. I need people to at least try to keep children in school. Many people may say if the child doesn't want to go to school don't force them but were not were suggesting them to go back to school and it can really help them.

  • The Entire Education System Left Behind

    Does the no child left behind act improve learning in it broadest sense? My answer to that is a resounding "No." No child left behind teaches to standardized tests, teaching children how to win battles but lose the war. They are never really taught anything of substance. They never really learn anything. They just cram for tests that will make the school look good and help the schools get more funding. But the children are not taught to study or gain an in depth understanding of the subjects they are being testing on. It is "W" kind of education. Students are taught gimmicks to help the pass tests. If they pass all their tests that way most of them still not have learned anything that will help them later. I few quick studies may gain enough insight to put some pieces together and gain some understanding but that is no encouraged. But the overall approach of No Child Left Behind, in my opinion, is a quick and dirty style of teaching not designed to require much of teachers or to benefit children at all.

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