No Child Left Behind Act: Does NCLB do enough for special-ed children?

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  • No, it is rigid.

    No, NCLB does not do enough for special-ed children, because NCLB is very rigid. Children who have special needs but are nonetheless mainstreamed will be the ones left behind when they can't pass a rigid set of exams. More students will want to be declared disabled, just so that they can be excused from rigid testing requirements.

  • No, No Child Left Behind Does Not Allow for Tailored Education

    No, NCLB does not do enough for special-ed students, because it does not allow teachers to tailor content to individual student need. Teachers spend too much time teaching to the tests. Students who cannot pass benchmarks may become discouraged and give up on school all together. A more individualized, locally controlled education system would allow students with special needs more flexibility, rather than rigid requirements.

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