No Child Left Behind Act: Does NCLB offer better choice of schools to students and parents?

  • Sometimes NCLB Offers Better School Choices

    Sometimes the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) offers better school choices to students and parents. If a Title I school gets a report card from the government saying that they need to improve or corrective action must be taken, students and parents will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another public school for a limited amount of time. The idea of this is that low performing schools need time to get better. However, students could transfer to another school that is already overcrowded and that school would be required to accept the student. More choices do not necessarily mean good choices.

  • NCLB is a good thing

    The No Child Left Behind Act is a good thing. As a parent of a special needs child I am very grateful that he is not going to be skipped over in the educational setting. Prior to No Child Left Behind the teachers had no accountability for their actions. NCLB may not be perfect but it is time for teachers to have some accountability.

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