No Child Left Behind Act: Does NCLB strike the right relationship with states?

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  • No, it does not allow for enough state input.

    No, No Child Left Behind does not strike the right relationship with states, because NCLB takes away the states' ability to develop unique programming for their children. States may have state-specific needs to address, like a large number of English second language students that might need special attention. To lump all of the students together will not allow the states to create unique plans that serve their children.

  • NCLB Has Rocky Relationship With States

    Since NCLB and standardized test scores determine a state's federal education funding, schools in a given state are pressured to perform well. However, the relationship between NCLB and states is a rocky one that causes more harm than good. NCLB needs to be retooled or abolished in order to find a better solution for funding state education.

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