No Child Left Behind Act: Is the No Child Left Behind education law in America a good policy and worth continuing?

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  • The No Child Left Behind Act is not a good policy and should not be continued

    In my recent research upon this subject, I discovered many things and my point of view on the subject remained the same and even grew much stronger. What I learned is that though this concept is good and has various certain aspects, the No Child Left Behind Act is much more harmful than good. Though it does provide opportunities for all students across the nation, it still holds back many students from their true potential, costs the federal government millions of dollars every year throwing the United States even further in debt, and really only serves to anger many people, students and teachers included. Through much research it was discovered that the federal government really is losing millions of dollars every year with all of standardized tests being thrown at the school and with them trying to accommodate each school district. After speaking with other students and teachers, it was very apparent that this act of legislation angers many people, some to such an extent that they wish to rebel and provide a demonstration to show the government how they really feel about it. And no, it wasn't a bunch of students talking about rebellion. Being an actual high school student, I see every day kids being held back from their true potential because of this act forcing them to put up with kids of lesser skill and potential. I have concluded through much research and reason that the No Child Left Behind Act is much more harmful than beneficial to the youth of America along with their education, despite any small benefits that it may provide but aren't necessarily significant, due to the fact that it wastes federal income, losing millions of dollars every year, angers people more than makes them happy or at least content, and that instead of really helping children along in their education, it hold many others back from their true potential

  • America's Education System is an Assembly Line

    America's education system makes me cringe. Excuse me for sounding cruel, but if you are incapable of doing basic math, cannot read, etc. Please, drop out. You are holding everyone else back. I think our education needs to be more rigorous and ridicule students who don't make an effort. If you spend your entire time making an effort and simply can't do something, then that is fine. But if you don't care to be in school, why should taxpayers have to pay for students who don't want to be educated?

  • No, many teachers disagree with it.

    The name of the program is good because we want all children to have a chance at education and success. However, this program focuses on testing that is mandatory and standardized, and many teachers feel that they are being asked to neglect crucial pieces of education in favor of teaching to the test.

  • Left behind or holding back?

    It is meant for the best but really what it does is keep kids from there full potential. Everyone in the class moves at the pace of the slowest member and this hurts some of the truly gifted kids. I believe that it is a good law but needs to be run a different way that way no kid is left behind or held back.

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