No Comedy shows will be aired when Queen Elizabeth dies: Do you think the UK should still run comedy shows when this happens?

  • Yes, not forever

    I understand that people in the UK will be grieving and sad when she dies because of how important she is to them. I also understand that they will be grieving for a long time and that banning comedy shows for awhile would help in the grieving process. But I also think that part of that process will be to move with everyday life. In 1939 the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" was made to help The UK get through World War 2 and I believe that in order for them to "Keep Calm and Carry On" after The Queen dies is to eventually bring comedy back into the lives of the British people.

  • I do not think that comedy shows should be stopped when the Queen dies.

    I respect Queen Elizabeth's position, but I think that it is a bit extreme to remove comedy shows from television when she dies. She is still a person and life goes on. Everyone does not see her the same way and they should not be forced to. Whatever happened to democracy and free will?

  • Yes, the UK should still run comedy shows.

    When a nation is grieving the loss of its queen, laughter and happiness are still important and can, in fact, be honoring to the queen. People will no doubt be engrossed in television news coverage of the death and funeral, and people will have ample occasion to express their sorrow. By the time they have grieved so much, they would benefit from a diversion provided by a comedy show (unless it is a political satire show mocking the monarchy, in which case it would be in bad taste and should not be aired).

  • Laughter can be healing

    I think the UK should observe proper and respectful mourning, but not completely alter everything. Losing a monarch will be a big and sad event, and but sometimes laughter can be healing. Comedy shows that aren't making fun of her passing, but that celebrate life and laughter should be run.

  • Give her the respect she deserves

    As the longest reigning member of the monarchy there are several ways in which the UK should honor Queen Elizabeth, banning comedy shows from airing is only one of them. While it may seem strange to people in the United States, the monarchy is long-revered in the U.K, even when some disagree.

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