No-fault divorce: Should states and local governments allow for no-fault divorce?

  • Yes, states and local governments should allow for no-fault divorce.

    In my opinion, states and local governments should allow for no-fault divorce because often the two parties involved in the marriage have already mutually decided that there is no point in continuing the marriage and the contract should be able to be voided due to mutual consent. Forcing the two parties to hire legal council and make full disclosure to the state of their reasons for wanting a divorce is improper and unwarranted.

  • Yes, Government Allow Disunion Without Interference

    Government should couples to dissolve their unions without the participants required to justifying theory decision or establishing someone to blame for the separation. Actually, government should not even be issuing marriage licenses. Marriage should be a strictly contractual partnership. We do not need government to establish the right to partner with a person intimately or as a business associate.

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