• Homework is capable of being useful-but our current idea of it is just busywork.

    I'm a middle school student who has attended both progressive and traditional schools, And the former is much better, Especially where homework is concerned. In your average public middle school, The vast majority of teachers give a high quantity of low quality homework. How does doing three hundred math problems that are virtually the same apart from numbers help you in any way? The thing is, Most homework assignments are worthless. Students would learn a lot more from long term projects that push creativity and critical thinking, As opposed to the boring stuff handed out to be turned in the next day. Kids are smart-when you give them the opportunity to show it. They could program a video game, Create an animation, Teach themselves Calculus (I'm trying to get my dad to get me a book), Write a novel, Design a website, And do a whole bunch of brilliant things. Of course, Students aren't capable of doing any of that, Not because of intellectual limitations, But because, For most parents, Homework comes first.

  • As tedious as homework is, It does help students.

    As a current senior in high school, I personally hate doing homework. It is repetitive and doesn't even change my grade much. However, It has helped my test scores. I have done much more of my work in school during my upperclassmen years and not only have my class grades gone up significantly but so have my test scores. The repetitive nature of homework drills information into students and helps reinforce the lesson it's over.

  • I am not in favor

    I am not in favor of no homework policy its because homework aims to practice students skill. It also help them to work independently, Yes i know it might brought them a stress but it is there first task to have a time management. It is their techniques or strategies how they can maintain their time with their family.

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