No Internet on reservations: Do we owe the Native Americans free Internet?

  • Yes, of Course:

    They have been deprived for centuries now, yet, they are also a peaceful people and the Internet may not fit very well into their culture, but with disappearing cultures they may find ways to preserve what they can on the Cloud. So even though though technology is foreign to the culture of the Native Americans, they may have a very good use for it and the US owes them the ability to preserve and keep their culture alive. I'm certain Anthropologists would agree with this.

  • We Owe More Than Internet

    I'm not a supporter of most U.S. Government funded ideas, but this is owed and past due. The land, all of it, belonged to Native Americans and in the treaties the land due to them stretched much larger than what they have currently. Treaties and covenants have been broken left and right by the U. S. Government through "law" practices of eminent domain and in the name of preserving the environment. While the Native Americans have been honorable in upholding their side of every treaty and covenant made. This is owed by the government and the government alone. Not to be paid by tax payers. This should come out of those ridiculous bills pages like the $2mil+ for wooden toys.
    If the government can get an automatic pay increase every year and get retirement benefits after one term served then surely they can afford to provide free Internet

  • Everyone needs the internet

    The federal government should subsidize broadband coverage for areas that are more rural and not economical for private companies to cover.

    The people in the No Column don't understand the question. It's not about whether an individual native american person or family should be able to get free internet it's about whether it should be available in the area at all. Right now they are not even given the option of paying and getting internet.

  • Yes, we do.

    I don't necessarily believe the internet should be free, but I think we need to give them access and if it's way too cost prohibitive then it should be free. They have schools and homes on reservations that would be at a disadvantage without the internet. After our history with the Native Americans this is the least we can do.

  • Yes, we are a very rich nation and we can afford it.

    Yes, we are a very rich nation and we can afford it. I don't think it would be too much trouble to put Internet connections into the reservations for free at all. I love the Native American people and think they deserve to be online just like everyone else around the world.

  • No, the casinos can pay

    Seriously? I mean the part about the casinos paying was a joke. But why should only the Native Americans be supplied with internet. Its either fair and equal to everyone or none at all. There is no reason that a certain group of people should be held above others ever. This is what continues the rot that is already present in society we should go for equality and not superiority of some. Even if these some think they deserve it. Everyone is equal.

  • Specifically Native Americans? No.

    Before I go into a bit of a tirade here, let me say this. In today's modern age, the internet is a near necessity. It allows for everything from commerce to communication to education. I am a believer that internet should be provided to EVERYONE at least on some level for free. It simply puts those that are poor further and further behind the rest of us if they can't access the internet and the vast wealth of information that it has. However, Indians are not to be treated differently than the rest of us are. They, along with everyone else, should receive the internet for free, but not before the general public gets it for free. We took away their land and killed their people. We have given them some land of their own and have paid them endless amounts of reparations for what wrongs we have done them. The internet in its current state, however, is treated as a commodity. It is not something that we took away from them or are preventing them from getting any more so than we are the public at large. We certainly owe them reparations for what our ancestors did, but there is a point at which that ends. We should not continue to pay them more and more for something that we didn't personally do to them. They should still be given some reparations, but the internet, at least until it can be provided for free to the general public, is not one of them.

  • Why are they owed anything?

    I own land. Why don't I get free internet. But really I'm not paying for someone else's internet when they can afford it themselves. They should be like all other customers. Everyone else who lives in isolated areas must pay for the hardware to get connected why should they be treated any differently. Giving away freebies doesn't help anyone. It is harmful in the long run and creates an incentive to maintain a low standard of living and be parasitic to the rest of the populous.

  • Nobody gets free internet

    No we do not owe any one free Internet. Internet is not free unless you can connect to a free wifi hot spot such as at a public place like a library or restaurant, but somebody is paying for this Internet connection it is not free. Everyone has to pay and if the Native Americans want Internet they should pay too.

  • This is kind of a dumb question...

    How the hell can you link giving people internet to oppression of a people that long predates the internet...?

    I am assuming that this is where the argument is going... Along with that, is this simply a start to saying 'yeah, give them anything and everything' from some idea of societal guilt disconnected from basically anyone living today?

    I guess I would have to see a swaying argument in favour.

  • No, We Do Not Owe Them Free Internet

    They are their own nation, remember? But anyways, nobody is entitled to free internet. Internet is not a right: it's a privilege. However, they should have it if they're willing to pay for it and if there's an internet connection company (whatever it's called) willing to do business with the peoples of the Native American Reservations.

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Formerland1 says2014-08-20T21:52:57.087
If we don't have free Internet neither do they , also they wanted to maintain thier simple ways , if they want Internet they revoke the origional intent of reserves.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-21T03:28:54.560
Formerland1 says2014-08-21T03:59:44.380
In fact theyshouldntbhave any technology we discovers if they live on a reserve , if they want tech they can live in a real city.