• Exploring is Fun

    I would play No Man's Sky because it is a game about space exploration, which sounds very fun. The limitless possibilities the game offers also seems incredibly appealing. Every world you visit is different, and no two world's are alike. Every planet has its own history and story to tell. This type of adventuring and exploring sounds very fun.

  • No Man's Sky looks fantastic

    I would definitely play No Man's Sky. Very few games ever released have had the scope, freedom and ambition of this open-ended game. I can't wait to play the game and experience all the stories that the procedural generation can produce, I look forward to hearing other's experiences as well.

  • No, Death Penalty Should Not be Allowed

    The death penalty should not be allowed. I do not think that taking a human life should ever be allowed. Criminals are human, too. Even though they have done horrendous things, I do no think that it should be acceptable to kill them. They should stay in jail the rest of their natural life. I think that life imprisonment is a better and harsher punishment than death, or release, from life. Knowing that you are isolated from society and being kept from anything fun or rewarding in life is a much better punishment than death.

  • I am not a gamer and don't know much about this game.

    While I'm sure thatNo Man's Sky is a popular gaming title, I don't personally play video games and therefore don't follow news regarding the industry. I doubt that I will ever have an opportunity to play the game but somehow I will manage to soldier on with my life, I suppose.

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