No one attending Lee Harvey Oswalds funeral: is this his Just Desserts?

  • Yes, this is what he deserved.

    Yes, this is what he deserved because Oswald killed the president. Why should someone attend his funeral? Even if he had friends before the incident, no one should have stayed by his side afterward. He proved that he was not worthy of love, and it is right that no one attended.

  • Yes the funeral is desserted

    i believe people have already judge him before his burial , which seen outside as a reality of his life lived when on earth. I arrived to discover dozens of police and federal agents, writers and photographers, but no mourners waiting to bid Oswald goodbye or good riddance.
    A police escort delivered Oswald's casket in the early afternoon. Much later, officers arrived with his family: mother Marguerite, brother Robert, widow Marina and her two daughters, June Lee, 2, and infant Rachel.

  • Yes, he deserved what he got.

    Lee Harvey Oswald deserved to have no one attend his funeral. This horrible man did not need to be honored by others. Oswald did one of the worst crimes in the history of America, so there is no way that any reasonable person - relative or friend - would want to be seen attending his funeral.

  • No, it is not.

    Even though Lee Harvey Oswald killed one of the most respected men in the county at the time, no one deserves to be alone when they die. What he did was not so reprehensible and unforgivable. It is sad that his wife and his children did not want to attend the funeral.

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