No one caught the Zika virus at the Rio Olympics. Were the fears overblown?

  • Yes, Zika has been around for 100's of years

    There has been evidence of the Zika virus from centuries ago and just recently has light been brought too it in the United States. Somehow this virus doesn't spread to anyone that was supposedly in a Zika infested area. There have been many claims that the United States government used the Zika virus as a distraction method from bigger problems that were going on. Whatever the reason may be, I believe, like most virus panics, the Zika virus outbreak was well overblown.

  • Fears stopped spread

    If no one caught the Zika virus, does that mean fears were overblown or that the warnings to athletes worked? The warning could have caused one person to turn away as someone sneezed, wash their hands or simply stay away from crowds - that could have stopped the virus alone.

  • No, the fears were not overblown.

    No, the fears over catching the Zika virus in Rio during the Olympic Games were not overblown. Zika is a serious problem, and the fact that so much attention was given to Zika probably helped the citizens and visitors to take precautions against contracting the virus. The location by the beach probably helped; Zika is found more in jungles and less in coastal areas. The wind during the games also help, as wind disperses mosquito populations.

  • No, the fears were not overblown even if no one caught the Zika virus at the Olympics

    No, the fears were not overblown even if no one caught the Zika virus at the Olympics. The fact that appropriate safety precautions were taken could be the reason that no one caught the Zika virus at the games. It does not make sense to believe that the fear was overblown.

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