• No school on Fridays

    We will also be more focused and relaxed in class because we would be more rested. Eventually the grade average would increase over time. If we had no school on Fridays we would have more time to spend with our family and friends. We could early Make school longer on Mondays (make it like a regular day, Tuesday-Thursday)

  • Schools will drag on the rest of the days

    If we were to eliminate Fridays, Schools would increase the days by about 1. 75 hours. If we supposedly have a 7 hour day then now we have a nearly 9 hour day. Oh boy, I'd love getting to school at 7 and getting out at nearly 5 (after calculating the bus travel time it would be about 5). An increased school day is not worth it, More classtime and more homework to make up for a lost day.

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