• Setting aside double standards..

    Or in this case , can we ? Its probably not 'weird' for guys but in most cases considered not just weird but wrong for women .
    All of us are subject to hormones - some more than others - and what we do as a result is a personal choice . Some outcomes are bad , others are not . I believe there is nothing weird with folks doing what we are wired to do at a basic level .
    The average American spends about a year and a half of his or her life watching commercials on television- now thats not just weird , but also disappointing

  • Sexual repression = not good.

    I don't think many people wait before marriage to actually have sex. Now, if you think about a long term relationship with someone, you would at least have sex with them once. Not that sex isn't everything, but how could you know if you're sexually compatible with your significant other?

  • STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and scorned women are wierd.

    If you have sex before or outside of marriage then:

    1) You risk getting an STD like HPV, HIV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc...
    2) You risk an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy (why the preparation for a marriage commitment is so important)
    3) You risk scorning a woman who would otherwise be committed to you when you use her for sex and then leave her moving on to the next woman for sex.

    Your "age" is really starting to show. When you get a little bit older (say 17 or 18) you may want to watch "Fatal Attraction" from 1987 starring Michael Douglass, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer as to all that can go wrong when you have sex outside of marriage.

  • Not really WEIRD, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    It's reasonably common, and its' not necessarily detrimental, but I certainly don't condone it, shall we say.

    Sex is good for you! It relieves depression, ups pain tolerance, is a form of exercise, and causes less health problems.

    But if a person wants to wait, who's to say that it's weird?

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