• I was about to post as "NO, " but realized expelling a student does nothing to stop that student from shooting up the school

    If anything, It gives them more reason to view that school as enemy #1. Think about it like this; A teacher notices a child in their class isn't interacting with the rest of the student population. They confront the child after class, Out of curiosity and concern, And ask them if they are doing okay. During this conversation, The student reveals that he doesn't like the people he goes to school with. He sees himself as above everyone else, And says they are nothing more than animals to him. He also reveals that to de-stress after school, He likes to take a gun into the woods for target practice. He sees nothing wrong or concerning about these things, And also has a tendency to react violently towards teasing. Maybe he also posts concerning things on social media, Such as lots of gun related activities and rambling posts about how everyone is a sheep, People are worthless, Etc. Now, Anyone with half a brain and who hasn't been living under a rock since April 20th, 1999 knows these are clear warning signs that this person wants to shoot up their school. Would expelling this child with mental health issues protect the other students? Not at all. Directed at those who think it would, Do you really think that if Dylan and Eric of the Columbine massacre were expelled, They would drop their plans to bomb the school and move on? I don't think they would. Instead, Early intervention and hiring much more experienced school counselors would be a good step. As bad as the writing in the show 13 Reasons Why is, It touches on this topic. The school counselor was uneducated, And unprepared to deal with an extremely suicidal student such as Hannah Baker. He was given opportunities to help her, But his failure to respond with great timing and care led to her killing herself. If she had a much better counselor, He might've been able to save her life. This isn't to say it's HIS fault she died, But someone with more experience and education put into his job position would be much more equipped to deal with her. The same goes for homicidal violence over suicidal violence. If we had better mental health professionals put into schools, We might have a fighting chance at ending school related violence.

  • What's the point of school

    Why in the hell would you expel a kid for bad behavior in school? One of my friends got expelled once, You know what she did? Her mom took her to the mall. Other people I know who got expelled, They just play video games or hang around the city for the day. Expelling a kid isn't a punishment, In fact it seems more like a reward, Only difference is it goes on your record which may cause some trouble if you trying to get into a prestigous college. Of course in my school, We aren't in a trouble neighborhood, Quite the opposite given I was in a nationally ranked highscool.

    I have seen documentaries of troubled schools, And in those situations, Instead of expulsion, They should do detention or be put in a room but keep them in school. If the kid isn't violent, Possibly hang around with administration or guidance councellors who will hopefully talk to them and motivate them to work.

  • School essay please

    No child should be expelled from school because Every child a deserved a chance to education and there are programs to help in discipline children become more respectful and less rude and violent towards other. Sometimes the child can be acting the way they do because of lack of action at home

  • Protect the children

    Children should be an expelled if they commit serious crimes. Lock them up in prison and make them go to school in prison. Once released, Send the kid to a different public school. If the crime was serious enough, Such as murder, Give them the death penalty without second thought.

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